Imagine a nail-biting showdown between gamers in an arena with thousands of screaming fans in front of them, instead of the usual shoulder pads or sweaty basketball shorts and jerseys. Can you imagine how electric the place would be? If you imagined a legion of young men and athletes clicking away with keyboards and video-game controllers, with their glowing faces lit by computer monitors, then you were thinking of eSports.

What was once thought to be a lonely person in front of a screen has exploded into a burgeoning international economy for those with enough skill to turn it into a way of life. It is a force that has become significant enough to not only fill stadiums in the largest and most famous international cities but also to connect people on different continents and cultures around a common language of competition. From its humble origins, eSports has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

And if you want a taste of this field, this article is YOUR guide to the top. Let’s begin…


eSports brings together players, coaches, creators, and more to create an incredible experience. It features a variety of games, from intense five-on-five battles to highly skilled sports simulations. Success is not just about playing well, but also about dedicated practice, strategic thinking, teamwork, and unwavering determination. At its core, eSports is a passionate community of competitive gamers.


To ignite the fire to your eSports career, start by choosing a game that you enjoy and you’re willing to put in the time to improve. Remember, consistency is the key; It sharpens your skills and strategic thinking.

Networking is important—connecting with teams and players can prove vital when you’re working up the ranks of eSports. Consider creating your own brand by posting content daily of your best moments in matches to catch people’s attention( Make sure the content is good, and your plays are actually praiseworthy). This visibility can attract sponsorships and business opportunities, further entering the universe of eSports.

When you get time today, look at players like N0tail, s1mple and FalleN to get a grasp of what kind of content you could post, given you take this career seriously. 

And take a look at this:

Professional eSports gamers’ salaries vary widely, ranging from $12,000 to over $187,200 annually, excluding additional earnings from any sponsorships and bonuses. Notably, more than 138 professional gamers have earned upwards of $1 million in tournament earnings. That’s less than 0.1% of all players!

So it may take a HUGE effort to reach the top, but the rewards are DEFINITELY worth all the efforts!


People new to eSports often find it tough to juggle gaming sessions with their daily schedule that includes school, work, or personal tasks. According to recent statistics, the number of hours pro eSports players spend ranges from 20-40 hours from the semi-pros to the elite of elite players. So it’s vital to create an organised timetable that allows you to practise while still prioritising vital parts of your life and your mental health. Building a mindset for managing competition and challenges is just as important because being able to bounce and adjust is crucial, for navigating the highs and lows of an eSports journey.



For individuals looking to transition their love for gaming into an eSports career, the journey often kicks off with competitions. You can take part in competitions from your gaming set-up in the beginning, and slowly work your way to the huge stadiums.


These initial phases play a role in skill development, reputation building, and grasping the competitive landscape.  Advancing to tournaments and grabbing the attention of pro teams becomes the next goal. As you do well in tournaments, build that social media presence, and continue networking, you’ll quickly become recognised by these goliaths.


Simultaneously the academic side has now acknowledged the potential of eSports as universities now grant scholarships and offer programs. These educational avenues not only help polish gaming skills but also impart an understanding of the eSports industry encompassing areas, like management, content creation, and technological advancements.


As we already discussed, networking with individuals experienced within the eSports space is crucial to BOOST your image as an eSports professional.

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