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At Universal Tech Expo, our mission is to bring together the brightest minds in technology to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth. We aim to create a platform where the latest advancements in Blockchain, Forex, Fintech, eSports, eGames, and Cybersecurity are not just discussed but experienced firsthand. Our goal is to inspire attendees, from industry professionals to aspiring students, to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the tech world.


Explore the revolutionary world of blockchain technology at the Universal Tech Expo. This category delves into the latest advancements in decentralized systems, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency innovations. Attendees will engage with experts discussing blockchain’s impact across various sectors, its potential for transforming business processes, and the future of secure, transparent digital transactions.


The Forex segment of the expo is a dynamic platform for currency trading professionals and enthusiasts. It focuses on global currency market trends, trading strategies, and financial tools. Participants will gain insights into effective risk management, market analysis techniques, and the economic factors influencing the Forex markets, providing a comprehensive understanding of this volatile and exciting financial arena.


Fintech at the Universal Tech Expo showcases the intersection of finance and technology. This category highlights innovations in digital banking, payment technologies, and personal finance management tools. It’s an opportunity for attendees to discover emerging trends, network with fintech startups, and learn about the technological advancements reshaping the financial services industry.


Dive into the electrifying world of eSports at the expo. This category covers everything from competitive gaming, team dynamics, and game development to the burgeoning industry of eSports entertainment and streaming. Attendees will witness discussions on the future of eSports, emerging technologies in gaming, and the growing impact of competitive gaming on global culture.


The eGames section is dedicated to the vast and diverse world of electronic games. It encompasses the latest developments in game design, development, and virtual reality experiences. Participants will explore new frontiers in gaming, from indie games to blockbuster titles, and discuss the social and cultural impacts of gaming in today’s digital era.


Cybersecurity is a critical focus at the Universal Tech Expo, addressing the ever-evolving challenges of digital security. This category provides insights into protecting against cyber threats, data privacy, and the importance of robust security protocols. Experts will discuss the latest in cybersecurity technologies, strategies for safeguarding information, and the future of cyber defense in an increasingly connected world.


Cloud storage is a pivotal focus at the Universal Tech Expo, highlighting the transformative impact of cloud-based solutions on data management. This category delves into the latest advancements in cloud storage technologies, the benefits of scalable and flexible storage solutions, and the importance of secure data management in the cloud. Experts will explore strategies for optimizing cloud storage, ensuring data integrity, and addressing the challenges of data migration and hybrid cloud environments. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the future of cloud storage and its role in supporting the demands of an increasingly data-driven world.


For over a quarter-century, Knowlex has been synonymous with healthcare expertise, offering unparalleled educational services and conference organization. Our journey began in the heart of the healthcare sector, where we were driven by the mission to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary for exceptional patient care. Through a blend of digital content, analytics, and networking events, we’ve fostered a culture of innovation and excellence that has touched the lives of over 10,000 members across various professional associations.

As the winds of change swept through the industry landscapes, Knowlex embraced a bold transition, extending its proven methodologies into the burgeoning world of Fintech. Today, our expertise in cultivating knowledge and innovation finds a new home in the realms of Forex, blockchain, and digital currencies. This evolution reflects our commitment to growth and adaptability, as we bring our legacy of excellence and a rich network of global connections to empower and revolutionize the financial technology sector.


Dwain Albores

Dwain Albores

Head of Projects and Events

Melody Daquio

Melody Daquio

Senior Project Manager


Over the years, the Universal Tech Expo has become a catalyst for innovation and a hub for forging valuable connections. We’ve facilitated collaborations that have led to groundbreaking technological advancements and helped shape the future of various tech sectors. Our expo is more than just an event; it’s a movement that drives the digital revolution forward.